Progressivism in 4 Words
By Rick Kelo

A complementary article to Libertarianism In 4 Words.  Most of these are my own, a few are taken from the twitter campaign #LiberalismIn4Words that was popular a few months ago:


  1. Taxes Up, Freedom Down
  2. Executive Powers Bypass Congress
  3. The first step: socialism
  4. Reward working-class compliance.
  5. Handouts! … I mean entitlements.
  6. Poor people still poor.
  7. Patriotism is really obedience.
  8. Less Individualism, More Collectivism
  9. Exchanging Freedom For Dependence
  10. We created eugenics.
  11. Then created “negative eugenics.”
  12. Statology: Worship of Government.
  13. You disagree?  You’re racist.
  14. We created American Imperialism.
  15. We created Presidential Caesarism.
  16. Created the term Blight.
  17. Created the American Ghetto.
  18.  Created and pushed Prohibition.
  19. Created Jim Crow Laws.
  20. We created the draft.
  21. Created the Tuskegee Experiments.
  22. Punishing success, subsidizing failure.
  23. Sterilize the mentally handicapped.
  24. Lie of the century.
  25. Worship the God-State.
  26. Spending our children’s money.
  27. Change that destroys.
  28. Propaganda, ignorance, guilt, entitlements.
  29. We know, you don’t.
  30. Ban all the things.
  31. People without American pride.
  32. Who cares about lies.
  33. My poverty, your fault.
  34. Demand something for nothing.
  35. The State is Religion.
  36. Involuntary servitude made trendy.
  37. Parasites Living Off Producers.
  38. No fundamental Human Rights.
  39. Civil Rights don’t exist.
  40. Ban or tax everything.
  41. Equality through universal slavery.
  42. Math challenged totalitarian freaks.
  43. Give me your rights.
  44. Disdain for the Constitution.
  45. Rights are just permissions.
  46. Lovers of moral decay.
  47. Fighting for government rights.
  48. Unsustainable, crushing, needless debt.
  49. So good its mandatory.
  50. Please babysit me government.
  51. Tolerance, unless they disagree.
  52. Economics?  What is that?
  53. Seize power through regulation.
  54. Middle Class Tax Increases.
  55. The reverse Midas Touch.
  56. Facts are irritating things.
  57. Communists masquerade as Progressives.
  58. Totally Disregard The Constitution
  59. We never read Hayek.
  60. Economically idiotic, socially irresponsible.
  61. Silence all dissenting views
  62. Taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes!
  63. Sounds better than “communism.”
  64. “Progress”: Always growing government.
  65. Human Rights Are Conditional.
  66. Money grows on trees.
  67. Government violence helps people.
  68. Rights come from government.
  69. Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Socialism.
  70. Despise individuality, liberty, property.
  71. Just regulating interstate commerce.
  72. My intentions were good.
  73. Make every city Detroit.
  74. Actually, that’s illegal too.
  75. Try Socialism, Fail, Repeat.
  76. Dismiss all the facts.
  77. Brainwashed by school professors.
  78. You have no choice.
  79. Brazenly diminishing individual rights.
  80. It has never worked.
  81. Let’s make government huge.
  82. Non-materialists redistributing material.
  83. Goebbels-Like Propaganda Purveyors.
  84. “Our Little Brown Brothers”
  85. Drop more bombs, ASAP!
  86. Let the elites decide.
  87. The facelift of Communism.
  88. Push away from capitalism.
  89. Push away from individuality.
  90. Push away from freedom.
  91. Build me Utopia, slave!
  92. Progressives call evil good.
  93. Socialism without the label.
  94. Don’t mention the Constitution.
  95. I will make it legal.
  96. Four generations of idiots.
  97. Woodrow Wilson & Teddy.
  98. Read Herbert Croly’s stuff.
  99. Read EA Ross’s stuff.
  100. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.